Dani Male

—Graphic Design

Cover for Dani Male's latest single, "Un Giorno Speciale" (A special day).

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Dani Male
↑ Dani Male is an Italian independent singer and songwriter. He loves everything that is paradoxal, in sharp contrast, or as he says, what is "wrong" or "bad", and in Italian you say it "male" (maalee).

He wanted something more poetic and melancholic. So it came out that Dani, with his guitar in a hand ( "like a true Italian man", sounded an old weird Italian song ), has gone away from earth, on a planet of his own, from which he can see a soured earth, perhaps now become an "evil" earth, or a "wrong" earth . The stars are millions of millions and titles shine as wild neon lights. The colors that identified Dani Male for years had to remain unchanged and a simple illustration had to tell his mood.

Dani Male
↑ After several tests of good fonts, we had the idea of ​​making a lettering for this "bad" way of thinking, a wrong lettering, an acid one, with a a bit of consistency. But not too much, otherwise it wouldn't be "male".